The Five Ways of Attacking are an essential set of techniques and strategies you can have in your arsenal to completely dominate any opponent, attacker or thug who dares to attack you. Here is a sample of what you’ll learn in this complete course!”

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This immediately downloadable full DVD covers:

  • How to “gain intel” on your opponent in the first couple seconds which will lead to their downfall! You’ll know what level your opponent is at and which strategy to use!
  • Learn a handful of “single strike” moves to simplify your arsenal, and take out any thug quickly.
  • Help you organize the information you do know into a laser focused counter attack plan!
  • Find out the easy (but unknown to many) secret of “ABC”, using lightning fast combination moves, which will attack multiple areas of your opponent’s body.
  • Discover the different “quadrants” and “levels” of the body, and how to use that to your advantage.
  • Get down the one move all pro fighters have mastered (and how you can master it in a very short time)!
  • Learn the “hitting hands” method of fighting (advanced strategies beginners can do too!)
  • Know how to create gapping openings on your opponent’s defense, which translate into easy and painful targets.
  • How to transition the 5 Ways of Attack into the 5 Areas of Combat regardless of your skill level!
  • Learn what are the 5 Areas of Combat, and how to use each of the 5 strategies in each combative scenario.
  • Why most martial arts are using the wrong strategy in weapon’s defense (and what the right one is, saving you decades of training)!
  • How to use these strategies in ground fighting, where you can easily dominate opponents who are bigger and stronger.
  • Learn the secret range of combat, and how you can fight way outside of your weight class (and skill level)!
  • How to apply this knowledge to Mass Attacks, where multiple people are coming after you!